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African Sunset

D'Jembe Drum

  • Our company is base on supplying top quality African goods. We have traveled to various parts of Africa to pick out the really Unique pieces in order to provide and display in your homes or business, while also supporting African Communities with work to support their families and needs. We place orders monthly for special items to be hand made in the Carvers Village in Africa, and for your special items that we do not have on hand we allow the carver's six to eight weeks to ship to California, after inspection we will then ship to you!

    Our web site will inform you as to the inventory on hand, and also a section in which you may order our specialty Carvings and Art work.

    Hours of operation: Web based 24/7 orders shipped out of Lathrop, California. For those items on hand, although some items such as carvings may have to be special order

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